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CONEC Elektronische Bauelemente Gmbh designs and manufactures industrial connectors for industrial electronics and communications industries, OEM, EMS, and cable assemblers. It offers D-SUB connectors, combination D-SUB connectors, filter D-SUB connectors, C-filter combination D-SUB connectors, power module connectors, RJ45 modular jack with magnetic filters, D-SUB hoods and accessories, installation and assembly tools, RJ45 modular jacks, and computer connectors; and IP67 connectors, such as IP67 D-SUB connectors, IP67 combination D-SUB connectors, IP67 filter D-SUB connectors, IP67 RJ45 industrial Ethernet connector systems, IP67 USB 2.0 and mini USB connector systems, and IP67 fiber optic industrial connectors. The company also provides PCB connectors, including combination connectors, flat cable systems, and installation and assembly tools; circular connectors, which include overmolded connectors, field-attachable connectors, sockets, panel plugs, components for bus systems, junction systems, valve plugs, and accessories; special applications for high temperature connectors/food and beverage connectors; fiber optic connectors, such as IP67 fiber optic industrial connectors and fiber optic adapters; and connectors for industrial communications applications. In addition, it offers technical support services. CONEC Elektronische Bauelemente Gmbh was founded in 1978 and is based in Lippstadt, Germany. It has operations in Shanghai, China; Ujezd, Czech Republic; Ontario, Canada; Berkshire, United Kingdom; Wroclaw, Poland; Garner, North Carolina; and Poulx, France.

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