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Barrus is proud to have achieved 100-years in business. Vision and innovation have always been at the heart of the company ever since it was founded by Ernest Barrus in the early years of the twentieth century. Their business is a partnership between their customers, their suppliers and their employees. Their mission is to promote these partnerships and through continual improvement of their systems enhance customer satisfaction and generate profitable business growth. Barrus has developed partnerships with major international companies representing leading brands in the garden machinery, garden tools, marine and industrial engine markets. Each of these market sectors are serviced and supported by specialist teams. They deliver professional sales and technical after-sales back-up to the Barrus network of over 3,000 authorised dealers to provide the highest quality products to the end user. Recognised worldwide as a leading custom-engine builder, Barrus's applications engineers and engine builders ensure the optimum engine specification is supplied direct to original equipment customers’ production lines. Barrus’s dedicated research and development team work as consultants with the MoD, the RNLI and other military and emergency services organisations supplying specialist engines and equipment. The demanding operating environments that these organisations encounter set the standards that Barrus apply across all products and services. This Is what makes Barrus the power behind the brands

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