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The Brevetti Stendalto was established in 1976 by Giovanni Mauri who, in 1968 designed the first in the world nylon guide for an Italian machines manufacturer - San Rocco. Since its foundation, the registered office has been located near Milano, in Italy. Thanks to the continuously growing interest in guides applications, Brevetti Stendalto company is one of the leading world manufacturers of nylon and steel chain guides. Brevetti offers guides of the following series: Light series - SR200, SR250, SR325LE, SR339 Light series is an incredibly light and smooth guide designed especially for small - dimension automatic machines, such as printers, measuring devices where the chain load does not exceed several kilograms per meter. Medium series - SR300, SR305, SR355, SR400, SR435 Medium series is a flagship product with high capacity (intersection) to be used in medium load applications and are fitted for operations with high revolutions as well as high acceleration rates. Heavy series - SR306, SR307, SR308, SR309, SR310 Heavy series is designed for heavy loads and operation at high feed rates. It is equipped with a developed system of internal separators preventing friction of cables. Series with a lock - SR600, SR770, SR309C Series with a lock equipped with covers ensuring protection of the cables against external/environmental conditions. Robot series - SR495, SR500, SR545, SR599 Robot series - supply and control of machines making the rotary movement, in particular robots. Steel series - BS2000, BS3000, BS3500, BS4000, BS4500 Steel series is made of galvanized or stainless steel. It is designed for operation at the highest loads.

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