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Cui Devices
CUI Devices is an electronic components manufacturer specializing in an ever-expanding range of product technologies. Formerly part of CUI Inc, you can trace their roots back to 1989 just outside of Portland, Oregon. In September of 2019, a group of senior managers deeply involved in the historical growth of CUI Inc—and with over 15 years of average tenure—spun-off part of the business. Thus, CUI Devices was born, offering a wide range of Interconnect, Audio, Thermal Management, Motion, and Sensor solutions. Today, with proven processes and systems intact, CUI Devices will continue to be the familiar and trusted source for electronic components you’ve come to rely on—just evolved. They understand the bending and forking design journey their customers boldly travel. They’ve been on an unfolding journey themselves. As they move forward, they’ll empathetically stay committed to their customers design’s success without distraction or delay.