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Desco Industries, Inc. manufactures electrostatic discharge (ESD) control products for electronics manufacturing areas. The company’s product groups include bags, wrist straps, work surface and floor matting, laminates, foot grounders, smocks, gloves, flooring, ionizers, continuous monitors, testers, tape, dispensing bottles, document holders, and other workbench accessories. It offers ESD control products of monitors, ionization, testers, and data acquisition; small workbench assembly tools for the electronics industry, vacuums, sewn products, personnel identification badges, and more; a line of ESD and non-ESD vinyl products for the ID market and other document protection applications; turnkey time and attendance systems, including various time clock hardware and software solutions; and a line of ESD corrugated boxes, containers, and related products. The company also manufactures non-ESD products, including chemicals, grounding, personnel identification, material handling, time and attendance, and training products; and sells custom-made specialty products. In addition, it provides Website services to the beauty industry with specific products; and contract manufacturing services, such as assembly, packaging, sterilization, and validation services for the medical device industry. It serves customers through its Website, as well as a network of sales representatives and stocking distributors worldwide. Desco Industries, Inc. was formerly known as Delta Electrical Specialty Company. The company was founded in 1950 and is based in Chino, California with manufacturing facilities in the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom

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