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Devcon consists of an extensive range of highly effective epoxy and urethane products developed for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) applications.
The Devcon range consists of:
Epoxy products for general, precision and emergency repairs that extend the life of critical process equipment
Flexane urethanes for casting and rubber repair
Epoxy protective coatings that reduce damage from wear and abrasion
Epoxy adhesives for technically advanced applications
Devcon products find applications in oil refineries, steel mills, tanneries, pulp and paper mills. In fact, anywhere an emergency repair or maintenance to equipment of an industrial nature is required. Devcon – the solution to equipment maintenance, repair, rebuilding and bonding in both industrial and mining applications! The Devcon product range was first introduced into Australia in 1980 and soon after, local manufacture commenced. Devcon products are readily available from leading Industrial distributors.

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