Dlp Design | X-ON

DLP Design, Inc. provides hardware and software solutions. The company offers products for prototyping and new-product evaluation, as well as consultancy services in the areas of product design and manufacture for engineers and hobbyists. Its products include DLP-FPGA module, a prototyping module that can be used for rapid proof of concept or for educational environments; DLP-IOR4, a relay module utilized for computer control of electrical or electronic equipment; USB to RS232 converter that enables to update serial device to USB; and data center that provides data storage and retrieval services. The company also offers USB products, USB host products, USB security dongles, temperature humidity sensor, microcontroller flash programmer, prototyping board, dual channel USB adapters, RF products, RF transceivers, device programmer/debugger, design test application software, FTDI modules, and design services. DLP Design, Inc. was founded in 2000 and is based in Allen, Texas