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1992, after Everbouquet was established, Everbouquet has been being a worldwide LCD leading supplier of medium and small size, standard, custom and semi-custom of TFT, STN, FSTN, TN, HTN, and etc..Everbouquet is headquartered in Taiwan and is dedicated to advanced research and development, followed by sophisticated manufacturing automation and in-Process testing to deliver LCD solutions. Everbouquet has served more than 25 years to its international customers with worldwide very well-known excellent quality LCD that is reliable, delivered on-time, and competitively priced. As a leading manufacturer of LCD, Everbouquet continuously develops new and often unusual LCD, supported by its fast and efficient technical and commercial support services. In addition to the vast range of standard LCD, Everbouquet can offer a highly supportive semi-custom and full-custom LCD. Having been manufacturing LCDs for more than 25 years with ISO Certified, they have good distributors/sales reps/partners worldwide such as Arrow Group (Worldwide), Azego(UK), Components at Service GmbH (Germany), Computer Controls (Switzerland, Central & Eastern Europe), Equin (Spain/Portugal), Farnell-Newark-element14 (Worldwide), Neumueller (Germany), GM Electronic (Czech Republic/Slovakia), Communica (South Africa), Hughes - Peters (USA), Aplus (USA), DEVA (USA), Resistacap (USA), Electronic Assembly (Germany), RS Components (Worldwide), Sensor ECS (Denmark), Daetwyler/Distrelec (Switzerland), CoModular (Benelux), Mc'Tronic (Italy), F.C.E. (Italy), Seleniko (Spain), EIL (HK), Tokyo Denshi (Japan), Ozdisan (Turkey), Axeomatic (India), Nextech (India), Global Electronic (Japan), Beith Dekel (Israel), Prime Electronics (USA), Classic Components (USA), Radel (Greece), GNN (Vietnam), Lohr (Brazil), JSC Gamma (Russia), and etc. And they have good end-user customers worldwide such as Bosch (Worldwide), Beyers (Germany), Honeywell (Worldwide), Schindler (Worldwide), TT electronics (Worldwide), Avery Dennison (Worldwide), Thermo Fisher Scientific (Worldwide), TC Electronic (Denmark), Solectron (Worldwide), Tyco (Worldwide), IO-Electronics (UK), Flextronics (Worldwide), Sanmina-SCI Group (Worldwide), Fluke (Worldwide), ABB (Worldwide), SVI (Worldwide), NCR (Worldwide), Vitec Group (Worldwide), Tadiran (Israel), Johnson Control (USA), Oplink (USA), Infocus (USA), Embedded (Australia), Harman (Worldwide), Ohmeda (USA), Alpha (USA), Acorto (USA), Lextron (USA), Plasmon (USA), Patton (USA), Thales Group (Worldwide), Ingenico Group (Worldwide), Audio Engineering (UK), Diplomat (UK), Xtol (UK), Kelsius (Ireland), Philips (Worldwide), Siemens (Worldwide), Money Controls Ltd. (UK), PBSI Ltd. (UK), Alba Diagnostics (UK), EFC Ltd. (UK), Norbar (UK), Tunstall (UK), Caledonian Controls (UK), Imc Group (UK), Agie (Europe), Chamilles (Europe), Carotec (Switzerland), Sweco (Finland), Scanfil (Finland), Hotpoint (UK), Anritsu (Worldwide), Mettler Teledo (Switzerland), Micro Innovation (Switzerland), Macchi (Italy), Ra.Fi. (Italy), PCS (Turkey), Speakerbus (UK), Home Automation (UK), Sauter (Switzerland), Notifier/Pittway Systems (UK), Access Control (UK), CIAT (France), Gemalto (France), Pierron (France), Raytheon (Worldwide), Andrew Wireless (Germany), ESW (Germany), Enercon (Germany), Drager (Germany), Logitech (Germany), City Gate Development (HK), Virtual Electronics (Worldwide), Defond (HK), Mecca (HK), Uni Precision (HK), CCS (Worldwide), SFO (Worldwide), Matulka (Germany), Elite Electronic Systems (UK), Zirkon Limited (UK), Industrias Resser SA de CV (Mexico), Intelbras (Brazil), Venture (Worldwide), SHENNAN (China), Panasonic (Worldwide), TEAC (Japan), Toshiba (Japan), Sanyo (Japan), Oki (Japan), Cannon (Japan), Hitachi (Japan), Kyocera (Japan), Sato (Japan), TDK (Japan), Fuji (Japan), SHIMADZU (Worldwide), and etc..

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