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Fulltech Electric Co., Ltd was founded in May, 1990, with a group of experienced partners who has devoted ourselves in electrical industries for more than a decade. By seeing the potential demand on the UPS system, elevator, medial machinery, outdoor LED boards and so on in the Europe and America market, Fulltech technically cooperated with Japanese brand, and invented the production process and quality inspection standard together. Also, Fulltech insists to use the bearings made in Japan, to guarantee the quality of the products. With great performance, excellent quality and being able to provide customized product to their customers, Fulltech was able to win the business from an U.S. distributor who represented Japan brands for years and expanded the business to US market successfully within 3 years after the company was founded. Later, they continue to invest on the development of AC Tube Axial Fan, cross Flow Fan, External Rotor Fan, Duct Fan, Roof Fan and so on, and expanded our sales territory to Europe, like UK, Germany, France and so on. In the year of 2000, with their consistency on the fans with high quality and efficiency, their sales territory expanded to South America, like Brazil, Argentina, Chile and also Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines in the South-East Asia market. Also, they have integrated their sales in Korea with 2 distributors, one in Seoul and the other in Busan. With all the support from their customers and suppliers, and for continue to enhance their level of engineering, quality control and new product development, they decided to expand their production size to 6,600m2 (4 times bigger than their original size) to set up good manual and automatic production line with more professional testing device. Based on the global trend for Eco energy saving, Fulltech announced the green product – Electronically Commutated Fans, as known as EC fans after 5 years of research and test. Their EC fan is not only ECO friendly but also with better performance and longer life cycle than AC fans. For more than 20 years sales worldwide, Fulltech continues to work on the development of the new products, and better production process, to provide their customers more value-added products. Recently, Fulltech also works with CPC to invent better management mode, to elevate their company value, and to satisfy their customers with more innovative and better products. They hope that as ‘Fulltech’meant in Chinese literally, they hope the high efficient products that they made can/will bring their customers Good Fortune.

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