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Hope Microelectronics specialises in wireless RF and sensors, integrating ASIC / MEMS sensor design, package test calibration techniques and application services. Their sensors include digital barometers, humidity sensor modules and custom sensors, whilst the RF products include RFICs, standard RF modules and application specific RF modules. Hope Microelectronics are able to develop and design customized RF and digital sensor chips. In keeping pace with international advanced management and owning a strong team of experienced engineers, they have independently developed digital sensor chips and packaging and calibration technology with their own intellectual property. By offering their customers software application platforms and supporting related hardware designs on RF and digital sensor, Hope Microelectronics are able to provide one-stop product solutions to dramatically shorten the development period for customer, thereby reducing their purchasing cost. Hope Microelectronics has gained an excellent reputation in the market for low cost, fast delivery and all-round after-sales service. Their products have been widely accepted by reputable global companies and are extensively used in diverse fields such as wireless anti-theft alarm systems, wireless sensors, household automation, wireless high-speed data acquisition systems, wireless toys, temperature and humidity control systems, instruments and meters, pressure measurement and control systems, mobile altimeter/barometer systems, multi-functional sports watches and weather forecast systems.

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