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LEDtronics, Inc. designs, manufactures, and distributes LED bulbs and lighting products for residential and industrial clients. It offers indoor lighting products, such as LED tube lights, tube light fixtures, linear lights (cooler, high bay, and tri-proof), thin panel lights, CFL style LED bulbs, PAR and R style LED bulbs, LED chandelier bulbs, high bay LED lights, classic style LED bulbs, MR style LED bulbs, LED neon rope and strip lighting products, downlights, and high power LED retrofit kits; and outdoor products, including shoebox area lights, high mast flood lights, flood lights, wall packs, canopy lights, post top LED lamps, and high bay LED lights, as well as modular, cobra head, and low voltage street lights. The company also provides standard LED products, such as miniature based LED bulbs, telephone slide base LEDs, relampable and snap-in panel indicators, PC board LEDs, appliance bulbs, exit sign and appliance bulbs, SMD and discrete LEDs, intermediate based LED bulbs, LED beacon lamps, LED machine status lamps, and E12 candelabra bulbs; and industry-specific products, including power plant and utilities lights, transportation and railroad lights, elevator industry LED lights, traffic and signal lights, solar panels and products, LED safety vests, LED chevron mats, flashlights, darkroom safelight LEDs, NSN LEDs, safety band/roadside hazard lights, and automotive LED bulbs. It sells its products through distributors in North America and internationally. LEDtronics, Inc. was founded in 1983 and is based in Torrance, California.

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