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NSi Industries recently celebrated 40 years in the electrical industry and is committed to growing with their distributor partners through innovative brands like TORK®. The TORK® brand was and remains the innovator in the mechanical time switch industry with roots going back to 1922. Another NSi flagship brand, Polaris™, celebrated 30 years of making splicing easier for installers and contractors everywhere. All this industry experience comes together with an amazing home team of Marketing, Distribution, Inside Sales, Technical Support, and Application and Region Managers, who stand ready answer to the question, "Why NSi?" You come first. NSi’s Inside Sales team works with their sales representatives to provide the best customer experience possible for you and your customers. You get products where they are needed, on time with a 99.7% same-day ship rate from their Huntersville, NC Distribution Center and 14 stocking representatives serving all regions of the US. Your partnership is a relationship they value. Their trained rep sales force continues to add value and support to their partnership. They listen to you and support you with customized marketing and expert merchandising that allow you to be profitable. Your focus is to build demand, generate business and develop new markets. They share this same strategy in creating demand that brings customers through your door. With above-industry growth rates in the last ten years, the value provided to you exceeds expectations as you grow with them. You have options. They have 16 major product groups and they are constantly developing and creating better products with you in mind. Including products such as Polaris™Pre-Insulated Connectors, Easy-Twist™ Wire Connectors, TORK® Time Switches, TORK® Photocontrols, and TORK® Occupancy Sensors. You have access to a breadth of line of electrical products that help you grow profitably. They provide you with excellent service and support with best-in-class terms. NSi offers the complete package. When you access the easiest supplier to do business with, you gain a competitive edge. From contractor preferred products, to competitive pricing, increased profitability, a flexible, responsive and award winning customer service team, you can experience the NSi Advantage by working more closely with NSi Industries. Let the Easy Team prove to you why their distributor partners trust them to deliver on these promises day in and day out. Why NSi? They have what electrical contractors need to do their job.They're involved in hundreds of American construction projects from stadiums and bridges to the Vegas strip and the Empire State Building. Housing developments, condominiums, sports arenas and major corporations are all part of the NSi roster of projects. Engineers and specifiers choose TORK® and Polaris™ products daily for projects across the commercial/industrial spectrum. They're glad you came to see about them. Take a further look at them and find your own answer to "Why NSi?" and see why so many distributors and contractors choose NSi Industries.

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