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Plessey Semiconductors Limited manufactures GaN-on-silicon LEDs for blue chip customers globally. It offers general lighting products, such as LED modules and light engines, low power LEDs, mid power LEDs, high power LEDs, low/mid power dies, and high power dies. The company also provides grow lighting products. In addition, it offers healthcare and safety sensors. It offers its products for lighting applications, such as architectural, commercial, industrial, outdoor, and residential; plant growth applications, including commercial growers, and universities and research applications; health applications, such as primary ECG monitoring applications; and transport safety applications, including driver alertness. The company serves industrial, architectural, retail, outdoor, and residential sectors. Plessey Semiconductors Limited was formerly known as X-FAB U.K. LTD. and changed its name in January 2010. The company was founded in 1957 and is based in Plymouth, United Kingdom. The company has a design and technology center in Swindon and sales offices worldwide. Plessey Semiconductors Limited operates as a subsidiary of JSFM Consulting Limited.

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