Taiyo Yuden | X-ON

Since TAIYO YUDEN’s inception in 1950, they have achieved growth by undertaking the research, development, manufacture and sales of various types of electronic components. Their product lineup includes capacitors, as well as inductors, Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator (FBAR)/Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) devices, circuit modules and energy devices. The source of their strength comes from the undertaking of development starting from material development to product commercialization. This approach enables them to continually provide products that respond closely to their customer needs in the markets they serve. They currently offer products used in such electronic devices as smartphones, tablets and AV devices. They also offer products in a wide range of fields such as automobile, industrial equipment, healthcare and environmental and energy sectors, where the application of IT and electronics is accelerating. In keeping with their management philosophy of “employee well-being,” “betterment of local communities” and “responsibility to provide returns to shareholders,” I feel strongly that TAIYO YUDEN will continue to build relationships enabling mutual development with all stakeholders, beginning with business partners and shareholders. TAIYO YUDEN aims to leverage their state-of-the-art technology and development. They will continue to propose capabilities cultivated since their establishment to further contribute to society and achieve growth as they make their utmost efforts in undertaking business activities. In closing, I ask everyone for your continued support.