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Two decades ago, Phu Hoang and Chinh Nguyen started a journey on their dream to design and build the best industrial embedded solid state storage and memory available. They called their company Virtium – derived from latin words for “integrity and excellence”. Along their journey, their dedication and ability to surround themselves with top industry talent has paid off. Today they share their dream with 100+ employees worldwide and enjoy year-over-year double-digit growth. Virtium manufactures solid state storage and memory solutions for the world’s top industrial embedded OEM customers. They design, build and support their products in the USA, and provide a dedicated software team for custom storage solutions – all fortified by a network of global locations. Their world-class technology and support provide a superior customer experience that continuously results in better industrial embedded products. As a Samsung-preferred partner, they give unparalleled access to specialty memory modules. Their quality products, long industry presence and knowledgeable, tenured experts have earned them the lasting trust of a deep customer base, including: IBM, GE, Alcatel, Nokia, Juniper and many others. Virtium was recently voted Innovator of the Year, 2017 by Orange County Business Journal. Today, Virtium continues to focus tightly on being the leading solid state storage and memory solutions provider in the industrial embedded space. While competing companies can provide products in this market, Virtium maintains its competitive edge by understanding key design concerns and tailoring its products to enable embedded designers to make the best possible solutions for their interconnected world. Virtium has in-depth knowledge of embedded system OEMs’ needs for product consistency, high reliability, long-term supply and product innovation.  Offering a complete line of storage and memory products, Virtium is among the first to deliver leading edge solutions, while supporting some of the longest product life cycles in the industry. Using a collaborative sales support and design process, Virtium becomes a true partner with its customers by meeting special requirements such as extended temperature or special testing that manufacturers not focused on the embedded market cannot provide. Headquartered in Southern California, Virtium is a privately held, financially stable technology company with demonstrated profitability in every quarter for the past six years and was ranked by Inc. Magazine as one of the top 500 fastest growing private companies. Virtium’s worldwide facilities are certified to quality standards (see Compliance section for more details). The company has operations throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Most important, the company’s infrastructure is optimized to provide customers the industry’s highest-value solutions that insulate OEMs from the product consistency and qualification challenges of using consumer grade products. In a world filled with commodity suppliers, Virtium stands out by delivering a combination of high quality, embedded-focused products, technical support and the industry’s longest product life cycles.

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