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INTRODUCTION All rights to this manual are the exclusive property of ADEUNIS RF. All rights reserved. Copying this manual (wit- hout written permission from the owner) via printing, copying, recording or by any other means, translating this manual (in full or partially) into any other language, including all programming languages, using any electrical, mechanical, magnetic or optical devices, manually or any by other methods, is prohibited. ADEUNIS RF reserves the right to change the technical specifications or functions of its products, or to cease manufacturing any of its products, or to cease technical support for one of its products without notice in writing and urges its customers to make sure that the information they have is valid. ADEUNIS RF configuration software and programs are available free of charge in a non-modifiable version. ADEUNIS RF can make no guarantees, including guarantees concerning suitability and applicability for a certain type of application. Under no circumstances can the manufacturer, or the distributor of an ADEUNIS RF program, be held liable for any damage caused by the use of the aforesaid program. Program names, as well as all copy- right relating to programs, are the exclusive property of ADEUNIS RF. Any transfer, granting of licences to a third party, leasing, hire, transport, copying, editing, translation, modification into another programming language or reverse engineering are prohibited without ADEUNIS RFs prior written authorisation and consent. ADEUNIS RF 283, rue Louis Nel 38920 Crolles France Telephone +33 (0)4 76 92 07 77 Fax +33 (0)4 76 08 97 46 Environmental recommendations All superfluous packaging materials have been eliminated. We have done everything possible to make it easy to separate the packaging into three types of materials: cardboard (box), expanded polystyrene (filler material) and polyethylene (packets, foam protective sheets). Your device is composed of materials that can be recycled and reused if it is dismantled by a specialist company. Please observe local regulations concerning the manner in which waste packaging material, used batteries and your obsolete equipment are disposed of. Warnings Valid for relay receivers with the following references: ARF7341B/7341F/7341D and serial receivers ARF7263K/S Read the instructions in the manual. The safety of this product is only guaranteed when it is used in accordance with its purpose. Maintenance should only be carried out by qualified persons. Please note, do not install the equipment close to a heat source or in damp conditions. Please note, when the equipment is open, do not carry out any operations other than those specified in these instructions. Gamme ARF18 UG V1.5 38Only use this equipment inside a building and at a maximum height of 2000 m above sea level. Please note: do not open the product as there is a risk of electric shock. Please note: for your own safety, you must ensure that the equipment is switched off before carrying out any work on it. Please note: for your own safety, all wired relays must cut either from the SELV, or the ELV (eg: 230V mains power supply). The two types of voltage must not be mixed. Please note: when the aerial is installed outside, it is essential to connect the cable screen to the buildings earth. We recommend using lightning protection. The protection kit chosen must permit the coaxial cable to be earthed (eg: coaxial lightning arrester with earthing of the cable at different places on the aerial at the base of pylons and at the entry, or just before entering the premises). The product must be equipped with a switching mechanism so that the power can be cut. This must be close to the equipment. Dangerous voltages are present in the product (other than the power supply). Before carrying out any work these must also be cut. Any electrical connection of the product must be equipped with a protection device against voltage spikes and short-circuits. Recommendations regarding use Before using the system, check that the power supply voltage shown in the user manual corresponds to your supply. If it doesnt, please consult your supplier. Place the device against a flat, firm and stable surface. The device must be installed in a location that is sufficiently ventilated so that there is no risk of internal heating and it must not be covered with objects such as newspapers, cloths, curtains, etc. The devices aerial must be free and at least 10 cm away from any conducting material. The device must never be exposed to heat sources such as heating equipment. Do not place the device close to objects with naked flames such as lit candles, blowtorches, etc. The device must not be exposed to aggressive chemical agents or solvents likely to damage the plastic or corrode the metal parts. Install your device close to its DC power supply. Avoid electrical and RS232 extension cables over 3 metres in length. Disposal of waste by users in private households within the European Union This symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that this product must not be disposed off with your other household waste. Instead, it is your responsibility to dispose of your waste by taking it to a collection point designated for the recycling of electrical and electronic appliances. Separate collection and recycling of your waste at the time of disposal will contribute to conserving natural resources and guarantee recycling that respects the environment and human health. For further information concerning your nearest recycling centre, please contact your nearest local authority/town hall offices, your household waste collection company or the shop where you bought the product. Gamme ARF18 UG V1.5 39