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SCREW, CSK, NYLON, M2X12, PK100 Price is per individual piece not per pack/tube

Manufacturer: Allthread
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1: USD 13.2831 ea
Line Total: USD 13.2831

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MOQ: 1  Multiples: 100
Pack Size: 100
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0 - Global Stock

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MOQ : 1
Multiples : 100

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1 : USD 13.2831
10 : USD 6.8305
25 : USD 6.0524
50 : USD 5.6429

Product Category
Thread Size - Metric
Screw Length
Fastener Material
Nylon 6.6 (Polyamide 6.6)
Screw Head Style
Flat / Countersunk Head Slotted
No SVHC (15-Jan-2019)
Box Quantity
Driver Type
External Length / Height
Nylon 6.6
Thread Size
Thread Type
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The MSDS format adheres to the standards and regulatory requirements of the United States and may not meet regulatory requirements in other countries. DuPont Page 1 Material Safety Data Sheet ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ZYTE NYLON RESIN ON SYNONYM LIST ZYT022 ZYT022 Revised 4-OCT-2005 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- CHEMICAL PRODUCT/COMPANY IDENTIFICATION ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Material Identification ZYTE is a registered trademark of DuPont. Tradenames and Synonyms ZYTE AFE1000 NC010, ZYTE AFE1001 NC010, ZYTE AFE1002 NC010, ZYTE AFE1002I NC010, ZYTE AFE1003 NC010, ZYTE AFE1003I NC010, ZYTE AFE1111 NC010, ZYTE CFE1111 NC010. ZYTE E41HSB NC010. ZYTE E50 NC010, ZYTE E51HSB NC010, ZYTE E51HSB NC010J, ZYTE E53 NC010, ZYTE E55 NC010, ZYTE E101L NC010, ZYTE E103HSL NC010, ZYTE EFE1032 NC010E, ZYTE EFE1068 NC010, ZYTE EFE1068 NC010T, ZYTE EFE1068 NC010TA, ZYTE EFE1117 NC010, ZYTE EFE1150 NC010, ZYTE EFE1151 NC010, ZYTE FE1111 NC010, ZYTE FE210021 NC010, ZYTE FE3370 NC010, ZYTE FE3399 BKB160, ZYTE FE3415 NC010, ZYTE FE3421 NC010, ZYTE FE3491C NC010, ZYTE FE3606 NC010, ZYTE FE3653 NC010, ZYTE FE3677 NC010, ZYTE FE3684 NC010, ZYTE FE3701 NC010A, ZYTE FE3704 NC010, ZYTE FE3705 NC010, ZYT022 DuPont Page 2 Material Safety Data Sheet (CHEMICAL PRODUCT/COMPANY IDENTIFICATION - Continued) ZYTE FE3747 NC010, ZYTE FE3748 NC010, ZYTE FE3749 NC010, ZYTE FE3754 NC010, ZYTE FE3755 NC010, ZYTE FE3756 NC010, ZYTE FE3797 NC010, ZYTE FE3807 NC010, ZYTE FE3826 BKB160, ZYTE FE3827 NC010, ZYTE FE3832 NC010, ZYTE FE310036 NC010, ZYTE FE310043 NC010, ZYTE FE310045 NC010 ZYTE FE310050 NC010, ZYTE FE310052F NC010 ZYTE FE310063 NC010, ZYTE FE310081 NC010, ZYTE VLM NC010, ZYTE 10ABG NC010, ZYTE 10ABGD NC010, ZYTE 10ANG NC010, ZYTE 101 NC010, ZYTE 101F NC010, ZYTE 101F NC010N, ZYTE 101F NC999, ZYTE 101L NC010, ZYTE 103FHS NC010, ZYTE 103HS NC010, ZYTE 103HSL NC010, ZYTE 113 NC010, ZYTE 122L NC010, ZYTE 132F NC010. ZYTE 135F NC010, ZYTE 148 NC010, ZYTE 42A NC010, ZYTE 42A NC010A, ZYTE 42HSX NC010, ZYTE 45HSB NC010, Company Identification MANUFACTURER/DISTRIBUTOR DuPont Engineering Polymers 1007 Market Street Wilmington,DE 19898 PHONE NUMBERS Product Information : 1-(800)-441-7515 Transport Emergency : 1-(800)-424-9300 Medical Emergency : 1-(800)-441-3637