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T0051382799 electronic component of Apex Tool Group

Tool: brush; stainless steel; Handle material: wood

Manufacturer: Apex Tool Group
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Apex Tool Group

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Apex Tool Group
Product Category
Applications Of Soldering Equipment
Cleaning Of Conductive Components From Oxides And Impurities, Cleanig Of Surfaces Before Gluing Or Painting
Type Of Tool
Bristle Material
Stainless Steel
Handle Material
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The T0051382799 is an electronic brush manufactured by Apex Tool Group. It has a stainless steel bristled head and a wooden handle for optimal grip and comfort. It is suitable for both general-purpose cleaning around the home, office, or workshop and for delicate surfaces, such as electronics and wiring. The brush is well-constructed, durable, and provides efficient cleaning results.

Tariff Desc

8311.30.00 -Coated rods and cored wire, of base metal, for soldering, brazing or welding by flame
Allen / Apex
Apex Tool Group
Apex Tool Group (Formerly Cooper Tools)
Armstrong / Apex
Campbell / Apex
Cooper Tools
Crescent / Apex
Gearwrench / Apex
Jacobs / Apex
Nicholson / Apex
Weller / Apex
Xcelite / Apex