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SS5250 electronic component of Edsyn

SOLDER WIRE, 60/38/2, 183 DEG, 250G

Manufacturer: Edsyn
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Product Category
Flux Type
Solder Alloy
60, 38, 2 Sn, Pb, Cu
External Diameter - Metric
0.5 mm
External Diameter - Imperial
0.02 in
Melting Temperature
183 C
Weight - Metric
250 g
Weight - Imperial
No SVHC (15 - Jan - 2019)
250 g
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EDSYN GMBH EUROPA Zentrum fr Lt- und Entltsysteme EDSYN GMBH EUROPA, Postfach 1169, D-97888 Kreuzwertheim 28.03.2013 Material Safety Data Sheet - according to directive 91/155/EWG INTERNATIONAL STANDARD NORM ISO 11014-1 Trade Name: SS Solder wire S-Sn60Pb38Cu2 Flux F-SW 32 DIN EN 29 453 DIN EN 29 454 1.) MANUFACTURER EDSYN GMBH EUROPA Address: Finkenweg 2 Tel.: 09342 - 6413 D 97892 Kreuzwertheim Fax: 09342 - 6417 2.) COMPOSTITION / SPECIFICATION OF CONSTITUENTS 2.1) Chemical features: Alloy composed of tin, copper and lead, Flux: Solidified melt of (stabilized) natural resins containing dissolved halogen-free activators 2.2) Compounds: Content (in %) Substance EINECS No. CAS No. Symbols R-sentences 59,.5 60,5 tin 231-141-8 7440-31-5 - - 1,5 2,0 copper 231-159-6 7440-50-8 - - remainder lead 231-100-4 7439-92-1 T 61, 62, 20/22, 23 < 3,5 colophony 232-475-7 8050-09-7 Xi 43 carboxylic acid 204-673-3 124-04-9 Xi 36 3.) POTENTIAL HAZARDS Preparation, no hazardous in terms of the Toxic Chemicals Ordinance. Harmful to health by inhaling dusts and fumes or by swallowing. 4.) FIRST AID MEASURES 4.1) After skin contact: In case of burns immediately cool the burnt area for several minutes with cold running water. In case of serious burns cover the wound with sterile material and contact a doctor. 4.2) After eye contact: Wash the eye with water for several minutes while holding up the lid. Contact a doctor 4.3) After swallowing: After having swallowed the substance, provoke vomiting by drinking much water. See a doctor for medical treatment 4.4) After inhalation: After having inhaled dust or fumes take the patient to the fresh air, give artificial reparation, if necessary. See a doctor for medical treatment Symptoms of poisoning may occur only at a later time. Ventilate the working areas sufficiently during soldering. 4.5) Information for doctors: In case of acute intoxication, give i.v. Na Ca-EDTA or D-Penicillaminin. Or 2 irrigation of the stomach with a 2-3% sodium sulphate solution and charcoal for the absorption of the produced lead sulphate. Do not give any milk or alcohol. EDSYN GMBH EUROPA D-97892 Kreuzwertheim Finkenweg 2 (09342) 6413 (09342) 6417 EDSYN GMBH EUROPA Zentrum fr Lt- und Entltsysteme EDSYN GMBH EUROPA, Postfach 1169, D-97888 Kreuzwertheim 28.03.2013 5.) FIRE-FIGHTING MEASURES 5.1) Substance itself is not flammable. Use fire fighting measures suited for the environment concerned. Confine source of fire, prevent the fire from spreading to the surround area. Harmful vapours or smoke may form at the source of fire as a result of the action of the heat on lead-containing alloys. As they are inodorous, persons exposed to them may not be aware of the hazard Wear respiratory equipment which is independent of the surrounding air. 5.2) Attention Lead produces toxic lead oxides in form of conflagration gases. 5.3) Notes for the fire fighters: Extinguish with water, powder type fire extinguisher, carbonic acid, foam or spray water. 6.) MEASURES IN CASE OF UNINTENTIONAL RELEASE 6.1) Personal safety precautions: Get uninvolved people off the area to windward. 6.2) Environmental safety protection: Inform users of drinking, service and cooling water. 6.3) Cleaning / removal measures: Mechanical capture 7.) HANDLING AND STORAGE 7.1) Handling: The workplace has to be ventilated sufficiently. Do not inhale fumes. Observe the respective regulations of the employers liability insurance association and the labour safety instructions and regulations of industrial hygiene. 7.2) Protection against fire and explosion: No special measures necessary. 7.3) Requirements as to store rooms and receptacles: No special requirements. 7.4) Storage instructions: Do not store together with: foodstuffs, beverages and animal feed, gases which are compressed, liquefied or dissolved under pressure, self-igniting substances, substances developing inflammable gases when getting in contact with water, incendiary substances of group 1 according to TRGS 515, inflammable solid substances of storage class 4.1 A, flammable materials. 8.) LIMITATION OF EXPOSURE, PERSONAL PROTECTIVE OUTFIT AND ORGANIZATIONAL MEASURES 8.1) Constituents with workplace-related limiting values to be monitored: BAT-value: lead concentration 400 g/l blood, women under 45 years 300 g/l EDSYN GMBH EUROPA D-97892 Kreuzwertheim Finkenweg 2 (09342) 6413 (09342) 6417

Tariff Desc

8311.30.00 -Coated rods and cored wire, of base metal, for soldering, brazing or welding by flame