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Voltage Regulators - Switching Regulators 500mA, 5V Step Down Conv
Manufacturer: Elmos

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Product Category
Switching Voltage Regulators
Mounting Style
Package / Case
QFN - 20
Output Voltage
5 V
Output Current
500 mA
Number of Outputs
1 Output
Input Voltage MAX
40 V
Input Voltage MIN
4.5 V
Switching Frequency
1.75 MHz
Minimum Operating Temperature
- 40 C
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 125 C
Operating Temperature Range
- 40 C To + 125 C
Voltage Converters
Factory Pack Quantity :
Hts Code
Product Type
Switching Voltage Regulators
Voltage Regulators \& Voltage Controllers
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LOW QUIESCENT CURRENT PFM STEP DOWN CONVERTERS PRODUCTION DATA - OCT 15, 2014 Features General Description Wide input voltage range 4.5V to 40V The E522.01/02/03/04/05/06/07/08/09 product family PFM regulator up to 1.33MHz provides ultra low quiescent current step down DC/DC Up to >92% efficiency converters with integrated power MOSFET. Very low 8A sleep mode current The PFM (Pulse Frequency Modulation) regulator allows Ultra low 12A standby current outstanding fast line- and load response time, stability 100% duty cycle capability and high efcfi iency over the full load current range. The Small QFN20L4 lead-less package integrated idle detection assures an ultra low idle cur- TSSOP16 package rent and high efcfi iency with low load currents down AEC-Q100 qualification to <100A for the completely powered application. A Junction temperature range -40C to +150C power-good signal is provided by a high-voltage open- drain low-side switch. The E522.0x buck converter accommodates to common Applications single supply micro controller applications. Low exter- Micro Controller Systems nal component count and small QFN20L4 / TSSOP16 Automotive Telematics, Dashboards package allow compact PCB designs. Partial Networking Peripheral Control Systems Ordering Information Product V I Package Product V I Package OUT OUT OUT OUT E522.01 5V 500mA QFN20L4*/TSSOP16 E522.07 5V 1A QFN20L4* E522.02 3.3V 500mA QFN20L4*/TSSOP16 E522.08 3.3V 1A QFN20L4* E522.03 5V 350mA QFN20L4*/TSSOP16 E522.09 1.5 to 40V 1A QFN20L4* E522.04 3.3V 350mA QFN20L4*/TSSOP16 * Package also available with wettable flanks (please E522.05 1.5 to 40V 500mA QFN20L4*/TSSOP16 contact Elmos for ordering number) E522.06 1.5 to 40V 350mA QFN20L4*/TSSOP16 IN VIN Feedback for E522.05/06/09 C IN C SENSE PGOOD PG RSENSE2 ON SENSE R SENSE1 ON L LXT LXT E522.0x OUT D C OUT OCP R AGND PGND Elmos Semiconductor AG reserves the right to change the detail specifications as may be required to permit improvements in the design of its products. Elmos Semiconductor AG Info Sheet QM-No.: 25IS0064E.05 E522.01, E522.02, E522.03, E522.04, E522.05, E522.06, E522.07, E522.08, E522.09Elmos Support 10/2014 Headquarters Sales and Application Support Office Elmos Semiconductor AG Korea Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 1 Elmos Korea 44227 Dortmund (Germany) B-1007, U-Space 2, 670 Daewangpangyo-ro, Phone: +49 (0) 231 / 75 49-100 Sampyoung-dong, Bunddang-gu, Sungnam-si Fax: +49 (0) 231 / 75 49-149 Kyounggi-do 463-400 Korea sales-germany Phone: +82 (0)31 / 7 14 11 31 sales-korea Sales and Application Support Office Sales and Application Support Office North America Japan Elmos NA. Inc. Elmos Japan K.K. 32255 Northwestern Highway, Suite 220 BR Shibaura N Bldg. 7F Farmington Hills, MI 48334 (United States) 3-20-9 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Phone: +1 (0) 248 / 8 65 32 00 Tokyo 108-0023 Japan sales-usa Phone: +81 3 / 3451-7101 Fax: +81 3 / 3451-7104 sales-japan Sales and Application Support Office China Elmos Semiconductor Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Sales and Application Support Office Unit 16B, 16F Zhao Feng World Trade Building, Singapore No. 369 Jiang Su Road, Elmos Semiconductor Singapore Pte Ltd. Chang Ning District, 3A International Business Park Shanghai, PR China, 200050 09-13 ICON IBP Phone: +86 (0) 21 / 6210 0908 609935 Singapore Fax: +86 (0) 21 / 6219 7502 Phone: +65 (0) 6908 1261 sales-china Fax: +65 (0) 6570 5906 sales-singapore 369 16 16B200050 : +86 (0) 21 / 6210 0908 : +86 (0) 21 / 6219 7502 sales-china Note Elmos Semiconductor AG (below Elmos) reserves the right to make changes to the product contained in this publication without notice. Elmos assumes no responsibility for the use of any circuits described herein, conveys no licence under any patent or other right, and makes no representation that the circuits are free of patent infringement. While the information in this publication has been checked, no responsibility, however, is assumed for inaccuracies. Elmos does not recommend the use of any of its products in life support applications where the failure or malfunction of the product can reasonably be expected to cause failure of a life-support system or to signi cantly affect its safety or effectiveness. Products are not authorized for use in such applications. Copyright 2014 Elmos Reproduction, in part or whole, without the prior written consent of Elmos, is prohibited.

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8542.31.00 51 No ..Application Specific (Digital) Integrated Circuits (ASIC)

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