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8001123 electronic component of Fisnar

Needle: steel; 0.5\; Size: 12; straight; 2.27mm; Body: black-blue

Manufacturer: Fisnar
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Product Category
Soldering Irons
Soldering Irons
Applications Of Soldering Equipment
for dispensers
Luer Lock
Type Of Needle
Shape Of Needle
Body Colour
black - blue
Internal Diameter
2.27 mm
Length - Inch
0.5 in in
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The Fisnar 8001123 is an industrial needle made of steel with a 0.5mm size and a straight body. It measures 2.27mm in length and has a black-blue exterior.

Tariff Desc

8515.11.00 11 No - - Soldering irons and guns 5%

8515.19.90 TC 19287262 SOLDERING AND/OR REWORK STATIONS, having ALL of the following:
(a) control unit;
(b) feed station;
(c) ergonomic instruments;
(d) intelligent heat management module;
(e) soldering and rework cartridge tips;
(f) hand piece stands;