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NOR Flash
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NOR Flash Serial-SPI 3.3V 4M-bit 512K x 8 Automotive 8-Pin SOIC N Tube
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NOR Flash Serial-SPI 3.3V 4M-bit 512K x 8 8ns 8-Pin SOIC Tube
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Flash 1.65V to 1.95V 2Mbit SPI Serial Flash
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Memory: Serial Flash; 4Mbit; SPI; 50MHz; 2.7÷3.6V; SO8-W
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NOR Flash 8 Mbit, 1.8V SPI Serial Flash
Stock : 3300

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8542.32.00 32 No ..CMOS and MOS Read Only Memory and Programmable Read Only Memory whether erasable or non-erasable (for example, flash memory, EPROM, E2PROM, EAPROM, NOVRAM, ROM and PROM)