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TS-L electronic component of Goodsky

Industrial control switch Through Hole RoHS

Manufacturer: Goodsky
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Industrial Switches
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The TS-L industrial control switch, manufactured by Goodsky, is a RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant switch with through hole mounting. It is designed to switch current or voltage, and is also termed a Single Pole Single Throw (SPST) switch. It can be actuated manually or by an external device such as a motor. It can be used with wide ranging voltages, up to 250VAC/10A or 24VDC/12A. It features silver contact-making material and a silver alloy spring plunger, giving it superior corrosion resistance and long life. The mounting hole diameter is 12.6mm, the body length is 1.2" (30.4mm) and the body width is 0.94" (23.6mm). It is UL, CQC, VDE and CE certified.

Tariff Desc

8536.50.99 9900975 SWITCHES being ANY of the following
a toggle 240VAC current capacity NOT exceeding 3A
b toggle 28VDC current capacity NOT exceeding 3A
c toggle 125VAC current capacity NOT exceeding 6A
d toggle 250VAC current capacity NOT exceeding 6A
e toggle 12VDC current capacity NOT exceeding 16A
f push button max 250VAC current capacity NOT exceeding 1A
g rocker 12VDC current capacity NOT exceeding 30A
h rocker 250VAC current capacity NOT exceeding 10A
i rocker max 250VAC current capacity NOT exceeding 6A
j numeric keypad
k 4-way 100VAC 0.5A OR 25V DC1A
l push button 100VAC 0.5A OR 25VDC 1A
m micro OR mini-micro max 250VAC current capacity NOT exceeding 10A
n knife 50VDC
o mercury 24VDC current capacity NOT exceeding 2A

8536.50.99 9804137 SWITCHES PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD surface-mount OR through-hole having BOTH of the following
a current rating NOT exceeding 100mA
b voltage rating NOT exceeding 50VAC OR DC

8536.50.99 17109836 SWITCHES PUSH BUTTON panel mount

8536.50.99 9304006 SWITCHES push button illuminated being ANY of
a square
b rectangular
c circular

8536.50.99 1798512 SWITCHES ELECTRICAL having ALL of the following
a length NOT greater than 3cm
b width NOT greater than 2cm
c maximum electric current capacity greater than 11A

8536.50.99 1108450 SWITCHES LIMIT hunting tooth rotating shaft

8536.50.99 17119033 SWITCHES ROCKER panel mounting


8536.50.99 1799019 SWITCHES SLIDE being ANY a power switches
i voltage selector
ii two position

8536.50.99 1779783 SWITCHES foot operated having a voltage of NOT less than 230VAC

8536.5 8438589 SWITCHES hall effect magnetically operated

8536.50.99 1812211 SWITCHES PUSHBUTTON mushroom OR dome shaped

8471.60.00 91 Joystick Free

8531.80.00 Electric sound or visual signalling apparatus eg bells, sirens, indicator panels, burglar or fire alarms Other apparatus Free

8541.40.00 54 LED displays Free