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BTS612N1 E3128A

BTS612N1 E3128A electronic component of Infineon

Power Switch ICs - Power Distribution PROFET SMART 2 CH Hi Side Pwr SW

Manufacturer: Infineon
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Product Category
Power Switch ICs - Power Distribution
On Resistance - Max
160 mOhms
Minimum Operating Temperature
- 40 C
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 150 C
Mounting Style
Through Hole
Package / Case
TO - 220 - 6
High Side
Aec - Q100
Cut Tape
Power Switches
Infineon Technologies
Pd - Power Dissipation
36000 mW
Product Type
Power Switch Ics - Power Distribution
Factory Pack Quantity :
Switch Ics
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PROFET BTS612N1 Smart Two Channel High-Side Power Switch Product Summary Overvoltage protection V 43 V bb(AZ) V 5.0 ... 34 V Operating voltage bb(on) both Features channels: each parallel Overload protection On-state resistance R 200 100 m ON Current limitation Short circuit protection Load current (ISO) I 2.3 4.4 A L(ISO) Thermal shutdown Current limitation I 4 4 A L(SCr) Overvoltage protection (including load dump) Fast demagnetization of inductive loads 1 ) Reverse battery protection PG-TO263-7-2 Undervoltage and overvoltage shutdown with auto-restart and hysteresis Open drain diagnostic output Open load detection in OFF-state CMOS compatible input Loss of ground and loss of V protection bb Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection Green Product (RoHS compliant) AEC Qualified Application C compatible power switch with diagnostic feedback for 12 V and 24 V DC grounded loads All types of resistive, inductive and capacitve loads Replaces electromechanical relays, fuses and discrete circuits General Description N channel vertical power FET with charge pump, ground referenced CMOS compatible input and diagnostic feedback, monolithically integrated in Smart SIPMOS technology. Providing embedded protective functions. + V bb 4 Current Gate 1 Voltage Overvoltage source limit 1 protection protection V Logic OUT1 Voltage Level shifter Limit for unclamped 1 Rectifier 1 sensor Temperature ind. loads 1 sensor 1 3 IN1 Charge Open load 6 IN2 pump 1 Short to Vbb Logic ESD detection 1 Charge 5 Gate 2 ST Current pump 2 protection limit 2 OUT2 Level shifter Limit for Rectifier 2 unclamped 7 Load Temperature ind. loads 2 sensor 2 Open load Short to Vbb detection 2 GND PROFET 2 Signal GND Load GND 1 ) With external current limit (e.g. resistor R =150 ) in GND connection, resistor in series with ST GND connection, reverse load current limited by connected load. Data Sheet 1 2013-10-11 BTS612N1 Pin Symbol Function 1 OUT1 (Load, L) Output 1, protected high-side power output of channel 1 2 GND Logic ground 3 IN1 Input 1, activates channel 1 in case of logical high signal 4 V Positive power supply voltage, bb the tab is shorted to this pin Diagnostic feedback: open drain, low on failure 5 ST 6 IN2 Input 2, activates channel 2 in case of logical high signal 7 OUT2 (Load, L) Output 2, protected high-side power output of channel 2 Maximum Ratings at Tj = 25 C unless otherwise specified Parameter Symbol Values Unit Supply voltage (overvoltage protection see page 4) V 43 V bb Supply voltage for short circuit protection V 34 V bb T =-40 ...+150C j Start 2 4 ) ) Load dump protection V = U + V , U = 13.5 V V 60 V LoadDump A s A Load dump 3 ) R = 2 , R = 5.3 , t = 200 ms, IN= low or high I L d Load current (Short circuit current, see page 5) I self-limited A L Operating temperature range T -40 ...+150 C j -55 ...+150 Storage temperature range T stg Power dissipation (DC), T 25 C P 36 W C tot Inductive load switch-off energy dissipation, single pulse V = 12V, T = 150C, T = 150C const. j,start C bb one channel, I = 2.3 A, Z = 89 mH, 0 : E 290 mJ AS L L both channels parallel, I = 4.4 A, Z = 47 mH, 0 : 580 L L see diagrams on page 9 Electrostatic discharge capability (ESD) IN: V 1.0 kV ESD (Human Body Model) all other pins: 2.0 acc. MIL-STD883D, method 3015.7 and ESD assn. std. S5.1-1993 Input voltage (DC) V -10 ... +16 V IN Current through input pin (DC) I 2.0 mA IN Current through status pin (DC) I 5.0 ST see internal circuit diagrams page 7 2 ) Supply voltages higher than V require an external current limit for the GND and status pins, e.g. with a bb(AZ) 150 resistor in the GND connection and a 15 k resistor in series with the status pin. A resistor for the protection of the input is integrated. 3 ) R = internal resistance of the load dump test pulse generator I 4 ) V is setup without the DUT connected to the generator per ISO 7637-1 and DIN 40839 Load dump Data Sheet 2 2013-10-11

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8542.31.00 51 No ..Application Specific (Digital) Integrated Circuits (ASIC)

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