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EUC-052S105DV electronic component of Inventronics

Power supply: switched-mode; LED; 52W; 25÷50V; 1050mA; 90÷305VAC

Manufacturer: Inventronics
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Product Category
LED Power Supplies
Number of Outputs
IP Rating
Kind Of Power Supply
current source
Anti - Overvoltage, Short Circuit Protection, Overheating
Power Supply/Converter Features
dimming control
Type Of Power Supply
s W itched - mode
Supply Voltage
90 To 305 VAC
Output Voltage
25 To 50 V
Body Dimensions
193 X 42.4 X 34Mm
Output Current
1050 mA
52 W
88 %
Operating Temperature
- 40 To 70 C
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DrivingtheLightingRevolution EUC-052SxxxDV(SV) Rev. H Features High Efficiency (Up to 90%) Second Generation with Improved Performance Active Power Factor Correction (Typical 0.95) Constant Current Output Lightning Protection Waterproof (IP67) Dimming Control All-Around Protection: OVP, SCP, OLP,OTP SELV Description The EUC-052SxxxDV(SV) series operate from a 90 ~ 305 Vac input range. They are designed to be highly efficient and highly reliable. Features include over voltage protection, short circuit protection, over load protection and over temperature protection. Models Input Output Max. Typical Power Factor Output Model Number Voltage Voltage Output Efficiency Current (2, 3) 120Vac 220Vac Range Range Power (1) 350 mA 90 ~ 305 Vac 75~149Vdc 52 W 90% 0.96 0.95 EUC-052S035DV(SV) 450 mA 90 ~ 305 Vac 58~116Vdc 52 W 89% 0.96 0.95 EUC-052S045DV(SV) 700 mA 90 ~ 305 Vac 38~75 Vdc 52 W 89% 0.96 0.95 EUC-052S070DV(SV)(4) 1050 mA 90 ~ 305 Vac 25~50 Vdc 52 W 88% 0.96 0.95 EUC-052S105DV(SV)(4) 1400 mA 90 ~ 305 Vac 19~37 Vdc 52 W 87% 0.96 0.95 EUC-052S140DV(SV)(4) 2100 mA 90 ~ 305 Vac 13~25 Vdc 52 W 86% 0.96 0.95 EUC-052S210DV(SV)(4) Notes: (1) Measured at full load and 220 Vac input. (2) The DV suffix may be changed to SV to omit the dimming function and remove the three wires associated with that function. (3) A suffix xxxx may be added to denote variations or modifications to the base product, where x can be any alphanumeric character or blank. (4) SELV Input Specifications Parameter Min. Typ. Max. Notes Input Voltage 90 V - 305 V Input Frequency 47 Hz - 63 Hz Leakage Current - - 0.75 mA At 277Vac 60Hz input - - 0.8 A Measured at full load and 100 Vac input. Input AC Current 0.4 A Measured at full load and 220 Vac input. Specifications are subject to changes without notice. Tel: 86-571-56565800 Fax: 86-571-86601139 sales DrivingtheLightingRevolution EUC-052SxxxDV(SV) Rev. H Input Specifications (Continued) Parameter Min. Typ. Max. Notes Inrush Current - - 60 A At 220Vac input 25 Cold Start. Duration=210 s, 2 2 10%Ipk-10%Ipk. Inrush Current(It) - - 0.2 A s Power Factor 0.90 - - At 100Vac-277Vac, 75%load-100%load THD - - 20% Output Specifications Parameter Min. Typ. Max. Notes Output Current Tolerance -5% - 5% No load output voltage I = 350 mA - - 162 V O I = 450 mA - - 125 V O I = 700 mA - - 82 V O I = 1050 mA - - 56 V O I = 1400 mA - - 41 V O I = 2100 mA - - 30 V O Output Current Ripple - - 50%Io Related to V-I Curve of the LED Output Current Overshoot / - - 10%Io At full load condition. Undershoot Line Regulation - - 1% Load Regulation - - 3% - 0.6 s 1.0 s Measured at 120Vac input. Turn-on Delay Time - 0.3 s 0.5 s Measured at 220Vac input. Temperature coefficient - - 0.2%/ C Case temperature = 0C ~Tc max Note: All specifications are typical at 25 C unless otherwise stated. Protection Functions Parameter Min. Typ. Max. Notes No damage shall occur when any output operating in a short circuit condition. The power Short Circuit Protection supply shall be self-recovery when the fault condition is removed. Hiccup mode. When the case temperature is higher than 110, the power supply will turn Over Temperature off automatically when the case temperature is lower than 75, the power supply will be Protection auto recovery. Specifications are subject to changes without notice. Tel: 86-571-56565800 Fax: 86-571-86601139 sales

Tariff Desc

8504.40.90 Light-emitting diode (LED) Drivers:
71 Having a power handling capacity not exceeding 10W
72 Having a power handling capacity exceeding 10W but not exceeding 25W
73 Having a power handling capacity exceeding 25W
78 Electric current rectifying assemblies
83 Other

8504.40.90 POWER SUPPLIES having BOTH
(a) input voltages of 176V-246VAC, 47Hz-63Hz single phase OR 200V-230VAC, 50Hz-60Hz single phase
(b) multiple DC output voltages from minus 200 V to positive 200V

(a) input voltage NOT less than 10V and NOT greater than 252V
(b) output voltage NOT less than 2V and NOT greater than 252V
(c) wattage NOT less than 40 W and NOT greater than 160W
(d) output current NOT greater than 17A

8504.50.10 81
(a) designed for use with equipment of 8471
(b) for telecommunication apparatus of 8517 Free

8504.40.90 POWER SUPPLY UNITS, DC AND/OR AC output, complying with AS/NZS 60950 & AS/NZS CISPR 22, having ALL of:
(a) voltage NOT less than 2.5 V and NOT greater than 55V
(b) wattage NOT less than 0.02 W and NOT greater than 105W
(c) current output NOT less than 0.01 amp and NOT greater than 2.5amp

8504.40.90 POWER SUPPLY MODULES having ALL of the following:
(a) input power at EITHER of the following
(i) 120VAC/240VAC
(ii) 24VDC /48VDC
(b) output power at EITHER of the following
(i) 5VDC, +15VDC, -15VDC, and 24VDC field I/O
(ii) 24VDC field I/O only
(c) circuitry monitors
(d) output adjusters

8504.40.90 POWER SUPPLIES DC having BOTH:
(a) variable voltage NOT exceeding 30V
(b) maximum current output NOT exceeding 25amps

8504.40.30 Static converters
(a) separately housed units, designed to be housed in the same cabinet as the central processing unit of equipment of 8471
(b) for telecommunication apparatus of 8517
60 Electric current rectifying assemblies Free
63 Other Free
Inventronics Inc.