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JST16A-600BW electronic component of JieJie

Thyristors - TRIACs Two-way thyristor 600V TO-220A RoHS

Manufacturer: JieJie
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.The JST16A-600BW is a two-way thyristor manufactured by JieJie with a 600V TO-220A RoHS case. It is a three-terminal semiconductor device typically used as a low-power electronic switch. The thyristor can control the current flowing through it in either direction, allowing it to be used as a bidirectional switch. It is specifically designed for use with TRIACs (triode alternating current switches), making it useful for controlling the power supply to appliances and lighting circuits. The JST16A-600BW has a repetitive peak off-state voltage of 600V and can handle maximum repetitive peak AC and DC gate trigger currents of up to 50mA.

Tariff Desc

8541.50.00 - Other semiconductor devices (not IC) semiconductor devices
Jiangsu JieJie Microelectronics

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