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LVDS Interface IC eDP to LVDS Bridge IC

Manufacturer: NXP
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LVDS Interface IC
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Lvds Interface Ic
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PTN3460I eDP to LVDS bridge for industrial and embedded applications Rev. 2.1 16 August 2016 Product data sheet 1. General description PTN3460I is an (embedded) DisplayPort to LVDS bridge device that enables connectivity between an (embedded) DisplayPort (eDP) source and LVDS display panel. It processes the incoming DisplayPort (DP) stream, performs DP to LVDS protocol conversion and transmits processed stream in LVDS format. PTN3460I has two high-speed ports: Receive port facing DP Source (for example, CPU/GPU/chip set), Transmit port facing the LVDS receiver (for example, LVDS display panel controller). The PTN3460I can receive DP stream at link rate 1.62 Gbit/s or 2.7 Gbit/s and it can support 1-lane or 2-lane DP operation. It interacts with DP source via DP Auxiliary (AUX) channel transactions for DP link training and setup. It supports single bus or dual bus LVDS signaling with color depths of 18 bits per pixel or 24 bits per pixel and pixel clock frequency up to 112 MHz. The LVDS data packing can be done either in VESA or JEIDA format. Also, the DP AUX interface transports 2 I C-over-AUX commands and support EDID-DDC communication with LVDS panel. To support panels without EDID ROM, the PTN3460I can emulate EDID ROM behavior avoiding specific changes in system video BIOS. PTN3460I is suitable for industrial design due to its wide temperature range of 40 C to +85 C. PTN3460I provides high flexibility to optimally fit under different platform environments. It supports three configuration options: multi-level configuration pins, DP AUX interface, and 2 I C-bus interface. PTN3460I can be powered by either 3.3 V supply only or dual supplies (3.3 V/1.8 V) and is available in the HVQFN56 7 mm 7 mm package with 0.4 mm pitch. 2. Features and benefits 2.1 Device features Embedded microcontroller and on-chip Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) allow for flexibility in firmware updates LVDS panel power-up (/down) sequencing control Firmware controlled panel power-up (/down) sequence timing parameters No external timing reference needed EDID ROM emulation to support panels with no EDID ROM. Emulation ON/OFF is set via configuration pin CFG4 (see Table 14 for more details) Supports EDID structure v1.3 On-chip EDID emulation up to seven different EDID data structuresPTN3460I NXP Semiconductors eDP to LVDS bridge for industrial and embedded applications eDP complying PWM signal generation or PWM signal pass through from eDP source 2.2 DisplayPort receiver features Compliant to DP v1.2a and v1.1a Compliant to eDP v1.2 and v1.1 Supports Main Link operation with one or two lanes (select through configuration pin CFG3, see Table 4 for more details) Supports Main Link rate: Reduced Bit Rate (1.62 Gbit/s) and High Bit Rate (2.7 Gbit/s) Supports 1 Mbit/s AUX channel 2 Supports Native AUX and I C-over-AUX transactions Supports down spreading to minimize EMI Integrated 50 termination resistors provide impedance matching on both Main Link lanes and AUX channel High performance Auto Receive Equalization enabling optimal channel compensation, device placement flexibility and power saving at CPU/GPU Supports eDP authentication options: Alternate Scrambler Seed Reset (ASSR) and Alternate Framing Supports Full Link training Supports DisplayPort symbol error rate measurements Supports PCB routing flexibility by programming for: AUX P/N swapping DP Main Link P/N swapping 2.3 LVDS transmitter features Compatible with ANSI/TIA/EIA-644-A-2001 standard Supports RGB data packing as per JEIDA and VESA data formats Supports pixel clock frequency from 6 MHz to 112 MHz Supports single LVDS bus operation up to 112 mega pixels per second Supports dual LVDS bus operation up to 224 mega pixels per second Supports color depth options: 18 bpp, 24 bpp Programmable center spreading of pixel clock frequency to minimize EMI Supports 1920 1200 at 60 Hz resolution in dual LVDS bus mode Programmable LVDS signal swing to pre-compensate for channel attenuation or allow for power saving Supports PCB routing flexibility by programming for: LVDS bus swapping Channel swapping Differential signal pair swapping Supports Data Enable polarity programming 2 DDC control for EDID ROM access I C-bus interface up to 400 kbit/s 2.4 Control and system features Device programmability Multi-level configuration pins enabling wider choice PTN3460I All information provided in this document is subject to legal disclaimers. NXP Semiconductors N.V. 2016. All rights reserved. Product data sheet Rev. 2.1 16 August 2016 2 of 42

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