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USB Interface IC USB3.0 SuperSpeed Re-driver

Manufacturer: NXP
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Product Category
USB Interface IC
USB Redrivers
Mounting Style
Package / Case
HVQFN - 24
USB 3.0
Super Speed (SS)
Data Rate
5 Gb/s
Supply Voltage - Min
3 V
Supply Voltage - Max
3.6 V
Operating Supply Current
100 mA
Minimum Operating Temperature
0 C
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 85 C
Cut Tape , Reel
Hts Code
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PTN36241B SuperSpeed USB 3.0 redriver Rev. 4 22 May 2014 Product data sheet 1. General description PTN36241B is a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 redriver IC that enhances signal quality by performing receive equalization on the deteriorated input signal followed by transmit de-emphasis maximizing system link performance. With its superior differential signal conditioning and enhancement capability, the device delivers significant flexibility and performance scaling for various systems with different PCB trace and cable channel conditions and still benefit from optimum power consumption. PTN36241B is a dual-channel device that supports data signaling rate of 5 Gbit/s through each channel. PTN36241B has two channels: one channel is facing the USB host, and another channel is facing the USB peripheral or device. Each channel consists of a high-speed Transmit (Tx) differential lane and a high-speed Receive (Rx) differential lane. PTN36241B has independent 5-level configuration pins for each channel to select receive equalization, transmit de-emphasis and output swing and these pins can be easily configured by board-strapping (for example, short, open, resistor). To support applications that require greater level of configurability, PTN36241B delivers intelligent multiplexing of 2 I C-bus interface onto 5-level configuration pins. By default, the device is configured with 2 the board-strapped levels of configuration pins. When I C-bus reads/writes are performed 2 over these multiplexed pins, the device decodes I C transactions and configures its internal functions appropriately. PTN36241B has built-in advanced power management capability that enables significant power savings under various different USB 3.0 Low-power modes (U2/U3). It can detect LFPS signaling and link electrical conditions and can dynamically activate/de-activate internal circuitry and logic. The device performs these actions without host software intervention and conserves power. PTN36241B goes through the compliance testing controlled by the internal state machine. No compliance pin is required. PTN36241B is powered from 3.3 V supply and is available in HVQFN24 4 mm 4 mm package with 0.5 mm pitch. 2. Features and benefits 2.1 High-speed channel processing Supports USB 3.0 specification (SuperSpeed only) Support of 2 channels Selectable receive equalization on each channel to recover from InterSymbol Interference (ISI) and high-frequency losses, with provision to choose from five Equalization gain settings per channelPTN36241B NXP Semiconductors SuperSpeed USB 3.0 redriver Selectable transmit de-emphasis and output swing on each channel delivers pre-compensation suited to channel conditions 2 Supports pin and I C-bus programmable Input Signal Threshold setting to work reliably under different noise environments accommodating sensitivity needs Integrated termination resistors provide impedance matching on both transmit and receive sides Programmable termination resistor for receiver side Automatic receiver termination indication and detection Low active power: 330 mW/100 mA (typical), V =3.3 V DD Power-saving states: 53 mW/16 mA (typical) when in U2/U3 states 20 mW/6 mA (typical) when no connection detected Excellent differential and common return loss performance 14 dB differential and 15 dB common-mode return loss for 10 MHz to 1250 MHz Flow-through pinout to ease PCB layout and minimize crosstalk effects Hot Plug capable Supports EasyCom that goes through the compliance testing controlled by the internal state machine Power supply: V =3.3V 10 % DD HVQFN24 4 mm 4 mm package, 0.5 mm pitch exposed center pad for thermal relief and electrical ground ESD: 5 kV HBM, 1250 V CDM Operating temperature range 0 C to 85 C 2.2 Enhancements 2 Intelligent I C-bus multiplexing and 5-level logic configuration options (with patent-pending quinary pins) delivering ultimate flexibility 2 I C-bus interface: Standard-mode (100 kbit/s) or Fast-mode (400 kbit/s) 3.3 V tolerant 3. Applications Notebook/netbook/nettop platforms Docking stations Desktop and AIO platforms Active cables Server and storage platforms USB 3.0 peripherals like consumer/storage devices, printers or USB 3.0 capable hubs/repeaters PTN36241B All information provided in this document is subject to legal disclaimers. NXP Semiconductors N.V. 2014. All rights reserved. Product data sheet Rev. 4 22 May 2014 2 of 31

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