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R7A-CAB020S electronic component of Omron

Specialized Cables 20M Power Cbl SS2

Manufacturer: Omron
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Product Category
Specialised Cables
Servomotor Power Cable
Cable Length
20 m
Product Type
Specialized Cables
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Cable Assemblies
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AC Servomotors/ Servo Drives SMARTSTEP2 Advanced Functionality in a Super Compact Design Actual Size 35 120 105 (W H D) (Excluding mounting) Compact Easy High SpecificationEasy and Advanced Performance Features 2 Selection Guide 6 System Configuration 8 Interpreting Model Numbers 10 Ordering Information 12 Servo Drive-Servomotor Combinations 16 Servomotor and Decelerator Combinations 16 Servo Relay Units and Cables 17 Cable Combinations 18 Servo Drive Specifications 22 Servomotor Specifications 23 Decelerator Specifications 28 Encoder, External Regeneration Resistors, Reactor and Parameter Unit 30 Specifications Connections 31 I/O Circuit Diagrams 33 Nomenclature and Functions 36 Integrated Development Environment Dimensions 39 Cut Your TCO from Design to Maintenance. Solve Your Equipment Problems About Manuals 49 Control from a PLC is made easy by using function blocks. from Design to Maintenance. The Servo System can be managed from design to maintenance with the CX-One FA Integrated Package. FB Maintenance with Integrated Setting & Programming Setting Parameters Support Software Easy programming with the Programming Maintain your Server Drives with the Smart FB Library Unit Configuration CX-Drive in the CX-One FA Integrated Tool Package. Integrated Debugging Parameter Editing & Monitoring System Design Improve Tact Time The Servomotor Significantly faster command PC Operation & Maintenance parameters can be pulse frequency. edited, monitored, and saved with the CX-Drive. No Adjustment Simple Realtime Autotuning Alarm & Maintenance eliminates the need for Easy monitoring of the NC complicated Unit & Drive errors adjustments. PT Suitable for systems with low mechanical rigidity Installation Mechanical vibration is controlled with a vibration control function and adaptive filter. CP1E/CP1L/CP1H Mount the Drive to the Note: CX-Drive (version 1.61) support for DIN Rail in one SMARTSTEP2 series Servo Drives can be obtained by using the CX-One V2 auto-update Easy Parameter Settings PC function from May 30, 2008. Simply download parameter settings Even Smaller by using the copy function. Control Panel Palm-size Design Reduce Design Work Easy control from PLC with the SMARTSTEP2 Smart FB Library. Easy monitoring of Position Control Unit and Servo Drive errors 2 SMARTSTEP2: Features SMARTSTEP2: Features 3

Tariff Desc

8544.49.19 TC 614486 single core, rated at 50V and 120A maximum

8544.42.11 3 Goods, as follows: Free
a] compensation or extension leads for thermo-couples
b] of a kind used for telecommunications

8504.50.10 Goods, as follows: Free
a] designed for use with equipment of 8471
b] for telecommunication apparatus of 8517

8544.49.20 TC 1718538 COMPUTER DATA, having ALL of the following:
a] copper wire conductors
b] multiple layered insulation covering
c] conductor resistance NOT greater than 55ohm/km


8544.20.00 TC 104967 COAXIAL, without connectors, having ANY of the following dielectric
a] polytetrafluoroethylene
b] air
c] polyethylene foam
d] polyethylene

8544.2 TC 8439820 coaxial, having a polytetrafluoroethylene dielectric

8544.42.29 CABLES, COMPUTER, being ANY of the following
a] flat ribbon
b] audio
c] video
d] serial interface
e] LED strip
f] data
g] local area network
h] internal drive
i] switch jumper
j] modulator/demodulator MODEM
k] planar to modulator/demodulator MODEM
l] signal
TC 061449

8544.70.00 22 Optical fibre cables Free Fitted with connectors

8544.42.29 TC 933265 POWER CABLES, COMPUTER, having ALL of the following:
a] three core cable
b] fitted on one end with a moulded three pin plug
c] NOT less than 240V

8544.49.20 TC 614480 WIRE AND CABLE, ELECTRICAL, INSULATED, having ALL of the following:
a] jacket of compolymer of ethylene and tetrafluorethylene ETFE
b] surface printed with letters, numbers, stripes or combinations for circuit identification

8533.39.00 RESISTANCE WIRE Free

8544.42.19 TC 1231245 AUDIO VIDEO, having high-definition multimedia interface HDMI connectors OR digital video interface connectors

8544.42.19 TC 614510 maximum length 10m, having ANY of the following end connections:
a] RCA plugs or sockets
b] mono plugs
c] stereo plugs or sockets
d] DIN plugs
e] plugs with twin wire ends
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