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01610.0-00 electronic component of Stego

Semiconductor heater; RC 016; 13W; 170°C; 120÷240V; IP32

Manufacturer: Stego
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Product Category
Thermal Interface Products
Rc 016
Silicone Cable 2X0,34Mm2
Ip Rating
2A Time - Delay
Protection Class
Type Of Device
Semiconductor Heater
Surface Temperature
170 C
40 g
Inrush Current Max
3 A
Heating Capacity
Operating Temperature
- 45 To 70 C
Storage Temperature
Max . 70 C
Operating Voltage
120 To 240 V
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01610.0-00 is part of the Stego line of surface drainage systems by Infinity Drain. The product is a stainless steel linear shower drain with a size of 2” x 2” and an overall length of 10”. It is made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and includes a 6” long adjustable leveling plate and a 6” long rubber gasket. It has a sleek, modern design with a slotted top for discreet surface drainage.

Tariff Desc

8547.9 TC 8535449 SHEETING OR SHAPES, electrically insulating, thermally conductive,
being combinations of two OR more of the following:
(a) silicone rubber;
(b) glass fibre;
(c) boron nitride;
(d) polyimide;
(e) copper