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MF POK SMALL electronic component of Weidmuller

Wall-mounted holder; Application: for enclosures

Manufacturer: Weidmuller
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Product Category
Battery Enclosures
For Enclosures
Type Of Enclosures Accessories
Wall - Mounted Holder
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The MF POK SMALL with Wall-mounted holder is a compact and easy-to-install electronic part used to mount and secure Weidmuller enclosures. The unit features a secure locking mechanism and includes two mounting brackets, allowing for quick and easy installation. It also includes two different depths of drilled holes for the required mounting depth. This part is designed to ensure safe and secure mounting of an enclosure in outdoor or in wet environments. It has a universal design that allows use with enclosures of different sizes and brands.

Tariff Desc

8536.90 HOLDERS, dry cell Op. 22.05.1984 Dec. 22.05.1984 - TC 8438464