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2J has established itself as a market leader within the antenna industry. Initially in developing a diverse range of products and subsequently on undertaking bespoke antenna projects for such high profile companies as Porsche or Sagem amongst others. Common applications such as automotive, M2M, base station and embedded antennas are well catered for, a range of marine antennas are imminent, while they also have full capability to develop customized products for any enclosure, mounting location or system desired by their customers. Besides antennas for most telecommunication applications their product catalogue offers also wide range of connectors and cable assemblies. Their ISO/TS16949:2009 quality assurance certification grants well developed and implemented processes in place to ensure production of the highest quality of products. This provides their customers with the comfort that they shall fulfill their promises and responsibilities in any of circumstances. 2J to date supply antennas across the entire globe, with a loyal customers on each of the 5 major continents. Their base, in the new central Europe is furnished with the majority of equipment and highly skilled personnel that allows them to be largely self-sufficient. Plastic injections , SMD pick and place, product assembly and quality control are all carried out on the main site without a need for costly outsourcing. A new onsite anechoic chamber has been put in place to better their already broad design and testing abilities. They are at all times on the mission to expand and improve their product portfolio, so employ a team of design engineers to ensure that they are always able to offer most suitable and best solutions for the contemporary applications. The well trained design team has a wide range of tools available to them in-house in order to produce sample antennae quickly and efficiently. The majority of mechanical designs, such as housing designs, product assemblies and selection of materials are carried out on-site in Slovakia. Tools are produced locally giving increased levels of supervision and project management, while any required modifications can be arranged and overseen in real time. Furthermore, all their products are manufactured under the RoHS directive and are REACH complaint, underwent strict tests and achieved IP67 certification. As a standard, all their antennas are CE certified.

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