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Shenzhen BASiC Semiconductor LTD., the leading enterprise of Wide-band Gap semiconductor industry in China, is committed to the R&D and industrialization of SiC power devices, and set up R&D centers in Nanshan Shenzhen, Pingshan Shenzhen, Pukou Nanjing, Stockholm Sweden and Nagoya Japan. BASiC has established a world-class R&D team, the core members are PhDs from University of Cambridge, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Tsinghua University and other well-known universities. BASiC master the global advanced core technology of SiC. The R&D fields cover the whole industrial chain of SiC power devices, such as epitaxial preparation, chip design, manufacturing process, packaging test and driver circuit application etc. Successively launched series of products such as full-current and full voltage range SiC schottky diode, the first 1200V SiC MOSFET which has passed the reliability test of industrial level in China and automotive level SiC power module etc. The products have reached the international advanced level, which are widely used in new energy generation, EV, railway traction, smart grids, defense industry and other fields.

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