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ProTek Devices LP manufactures transient voltage suppression (TVS) products for the protection of electronic equipment/systems from the destructive effects of lightning, electrostatic discharge (ESD), nuclear electromagnetic pulse, EMI/RFI, and inductive switching. It offers TVS diode arrays and steering diodes/TVS arrays to provide protection from transients caused by ESD, electrical fast transients, tertiary lightning, and other induced voltages; EMI/filter TVS arrays for use in portable electronics, such as cellular phones, cellular phone accessories, laptops, and PDAs; flip chip TVS arrays for small circuit board applications; and surge suppression devices to protect telecommunications equipment against lightning and transients induced by AC power lines. The company provides products in AC, DC, and data line modules. Its AC power products provide 2-stage lightning protection for aircrafts, shipboards, and industrial monitoring equipment; DC power products provide protection against long duration switching transients for drive motors and controls, power buses, and mobile electronics in harsh environments; and data line products provide single and multiple line protection for low and high frequency applications. The company also provides analog and mixed signal semiconductors, as well as audio and backlighting solutions for smart phones, and high-voltage audio controls for automotive and industrial-grade operations. Its products are used in telecommunications, automotive, computing, industrial, test and measurement, networking and communications, medical, and aerospace/military markets, as well as in consumer electronics and industrial controls. The company sells its products to OEM and electronic distributors through a network of distributors and manufacturers’ representatives in the United States and internationally. Protek Devices LP was founded in 1992 and is based in Tempe, Arizona.

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