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F1206VH3500TM electronic component of AEM

Surface Mount Fuses 1206 RoHS

Manufacturer: AEM
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Product Category
Surface Mount Fuses
smd ceramic fuse
Fuse Type
medium/regular blow
Current Rating
3.5 A
Voltage Rating DC
65 V
Surface Mount Fuses
Brand Category
Nominal Cold Resistance
33 mOhms
Breaking Capacity @ Rated Voltage
60 A
Melting I T
Operating Temperature
- 55 C ~ 125 C
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ComponentsThe F1206VH3500TM with Surface Mount Fuses 1206 RoHS is a fuse manufactured by AEM Components. It is a 1206-size surface mount fuse that is designed for mounting on a printed circuit board with a thickness of 0.125 inches or less. The fuse has a rated voltage of 3500VAC, a current rating of 0.5A, and a maximum melting integral of 35A²s. It is RoHS compliant, meaning it meets environmental standards, and lead-free, meaning it does not contain lead or other hazardous materials. The fuse also features an operating temperature range from -40°C to +125°C and a ceramic-filled housing that is resistant to harsh environments.

Tariff Desc

8536.10 FUSES AND FUSE HOLDERS, subminiature, plug in or pigtail type known as picofuses or microfuses, dimensions NOT exceeding 6mm x 18mm TC 8530773

8536.1 TC 8734467 FUSE LINKS, having ALL of the following:
(a) dimensions NOT exceeding 6.35mm x 32.0mm
(b) current rating NOT exceeding 50A
(c) voltage rating NOT exceeding 250V