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NZAA0475 electronic component of Apem


Manufacturer: Apem
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Product Category
Voltage Rating
125 V
Current Rating
2 A
IP Rating
Half Boot + Lever Without Cable
Hts Code
Product Type
Input Devices
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Input Devices
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NZ series Compact switch joysticks Distinctive features and specifications Compact Size 11.9mm Bush Mount Alternate Handle Selection Polyimide Flexi Tail Option Silicone Rubber Sealing Boots V5 switches up to 2A MECHANICAL Mechanical Life: 1 Million Operations (maximum) Lever Travel: 15 (7.5 from center) Lever Material: Stainless Steel Weight: 35 to 45 grams (subject to configuration type) Body Material: Mineral Filled Nylon-6 Boot Material: Silicone rubber Mounting - Bush: Single Point 11.9mm Diameter Recommended Panel Thickness (for half boot): 1-4 mm suggested 3mm Recommended Panel Thickness (for full boot): 1-4 mm suggested 2mm Impact Test Rating: IK09 (Lever / Boot options A and B) ELECTRICAL Nominal Current Switch Option A: Up to 2A Nominal Current Switch Option B: Up to 100mA Maximum Voltage: 125VAC Switch Contacts: Changeover gold plated silver alloy Contact Life: Load Dependent (Please refer to factory) ENVIRONMENTAL Temperature Range Switch Option A: -25C to +50C (-13F to +122F) Temperature Range Switch Option B: -40C to +85C (-40F to +185F) Above Panel Seal-Lever / Boot options A and B: To IP67 (IP Ratings quoted refer to assembled joysticks with boots fitted, and are above panel seals only). NOTES: All values are nominal. Specifications are subject to the joystick configuration. Contact Technical Support for the performance of your specific configuration. 1. Temperature specifications may be subject to the chosen switch option. Please refer to factory. NZ SERIES Lever / Boot Switches Connection Modifier A Standard 0 No harness A Half Boot + Lever 00 None B Sealed 1 Polyimide Tail 5 Way B Full Boot + Lever 135 + Limiter Fitted 2 Polyimide Tail 12 Way * Z Specified * Only available with switches and lever / Boot option A Note: The company reserves the right to change specifications without notice. APEM www.apem.comNZ series Compact switch joysticks Overview JOYSTICK MOUNTING (ALL VERSIONS) NOTE: Both full and half boots to be tightened to 1.5Nm to ensure the optional panel gasket is fully compressed. If extra security is required, use an appropriate bond to secure the nut to the bush. Take care when fitting boots over levers, ensuring they are not twisted, once installed. NZ WITH FULL BOOT NZ WITH HALF BOOT N N 36.00 (1.42) 36.00 (1.42) Note: The gray part to the right represents the Note: The gray part to the right represents the customer panel customer panel CONFIGURATION N Bush flat & notch to PANEL CUT-OUT face forward once mounted. 12.00 (0.47) Connection Option 0 Connection Option 1 No Harness 5 Way Polyimide tail Switches suitable for 125VAC 2A Tail and connector suitable for (Resistive load) 36VDC 2A max. 1 North Normally Open 2 West Normally Open 3 South Normally Open Nicomatic 1E05 4 East Normally Open Connector 5 Switch Common COMMON 5 NORMALLY OPEN 1 NORMALLY CLOSED 14 (0.55) 105 - 110 (4.13 - 4.33) Connection Option 2 TOP VIEW 12 Way Polyimide Tail Options 1 and 2 Tail and connector suitable for Small Control Signals only (12VDC 100mA max.) Viewed from above 1 South Normally Closed 7 South Normally Open 2 West Normally Closed 8 East Normally Open N 3 West Normally Open 9 North Normally Open 4 West Common 10 South Common 5 East Normally Closed 11 East Common 6 North Normally Closed 12 North Common W E Nicomatic 1E12 N Connector S 112 W E S 1 14 105 - 110 (0.55) (4.13 - 4.33) NOTE: Images shown are for illustration purposes only. Dimensions are in mm/(inch). Note: The company reserves the right to change specifications without notice. APEM 78.00 (3.07) 52.50 (2.07) 33.00 (1.30) 60.00 (2.63) 34.50 (1.36) 5.60 (0.22) 15.25 (0.60)

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8471.60.00 -Input or output units, whether or not containing storage units in the same housing
55 No Keyboards
91 No Joystick/game pads
92 No Mouse/trackball
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