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PVH60/230/11.5V electronic component of Breve Tufvassons

Transformer: toroidal; for halogen lamps; 60VA; 230VAC; 11.5V

Manufacturer: Breve Tufvassons
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Breve Tufvassons

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Breve Tufvassons
Product Category
Power Transformers
Power Rating
60 VA
Primary Voltage Rating
230 VAC
Secondary Voltage Rating
11.5 V
61 mm
Outside Diameter
59 mm
Conform To The Norm
Pn - En 61558 - 2 - 6
Ip Rating
For Halogen Lamps
Insulation Class
0.7 kg
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The Breve Tufvassons PVH60/230/11.5V is a high-performance, low-cost, extended life washing machine motor designed for use in a number of applications. It features a single-phase, brushless design with built-in overload protection. It has a power output of 60W, a voltage of 230 V, and a speed of 11.5 R/Min. It offers IP41 protection, which is suitable for residential and commercial washers. This motor is covered by a two-year warranty.

Tariff Desc

8504.31.00 TC9500870 TRANSFORMERS, output, ferrite core, frequency within the range 20-50KHz, nominal power rating NOT greater than 100W

8504.31.00 TC1224368 TRANSFORMERS, LED, NOT less than 24VDC and NOT greater than 35VDC

8504.40.30 as follows
(a) separately housed units, designed to be housed in the same cabinet as the central processing unit of equipment of 8471
(b) for telecommunication apparatus of 8517
60 Electric current rectifying assemblies

8504.31.00 TC702370 TRANSFORMERS, CURRENT AND/OR VOLTAGE, having ANY of the following
(a) current transformer voltage rating GREATER than 400kV
(b) voltage transformer voltage rating GREATER than 72kV
(c) combined current and voltage transformer voltage rating GREATER than 72kV

8504.34.00 TC513212 TRANSFORMERS, having ALL of the following
(a) primary and secondary winding
(b) primary voltage NOT less than 500kV
(c) greater than 330 MVA rating

8504.31 TC8343084 AUTOTRANSFORMERS, toroidal core, continuously variable from zero voltage

8504.31 TC8343083 TRANSFORMERS, radio frequency, power rating 100W continuous, frequency range 1.4MHz or greater but NOT exceeding 200.0MHz, input impedance 75ohms, output impedance 50ohms

8504.33.00 TC1761475 CURRENT TRANSFORMER MODULES, with OR without voltage measurement outputs, having NOT greater than 4 poles

8504.31.00 TRANSFORMERS, RF pulse, dual in-line packaging (DIP) TC9209172

8504.31.00 TC 1056338 TRANSFORMERS, TOROIDAL, STEP DOWN, isolated OR auto-wound, enclosed, complying with Australian & NZ Standards AS/NZS61558.1:2008, AS/NZS3820:2009 & AS/NZS3191:2008, including ALL of the following
(a) input voltage NOT less than 230V and NOT greater than 250V
(b) output voltage NOT less than 100V and NOT greater than 120V
(c) female 3 slot output chassis sockets rated at NOT greater than 20A
(d) rated Voltage Amps NOT less than 0.05kVA & NOT greater than 4kVA
(e) thermal fuse or thermal cut out protectors