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49S-6.7458-20-20-20/A electronic component of Liming

DIP Crystal Resonators 6.7458MHz ±20ppm Through Hole,P=4.88mm RoHS

Manufacturer: Liming
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Product Category
Load Capacitance
20 pF
6.7458 MHz
Frequency Stability
± 20ppm
THROUGH HOLE , P=4.88 mm
Brand Category
Crystal Type
49S Crystals
Frequency Tolerance
Equivalent Series Resistance Esr
Operating Temperature
- 20 C ~ + 70 C
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This is a DIP crystal resonator with a frequency of 6.7458MHz ±20ppm in a through-hole package. It has a pin spacing of 4.88mm and is compliant with the RoHS standard, meaning it is free from hazardous substances. It is manufactured by Liming.

Tariff Desc

8541.60.00 25 No - Mounted piezo-electric crystals Free