Canal | X-ON

Canal Electronic is a leading manufacturer of high quality switches, sockets, and breaker switches. Founded in 1981, Canal is well-known for their power and safety electronic components. Their goal is to exceed client’s safety standards in every device containing a Canal component. Through their integrated production, about 90% of Canal components are manufactured in their own factories. Their production facilities are controlled and regulated by a highly efficient and effective quality management system. Canal currently operates two factories in China, one near Shanghai for their local customers, and another near Hong Kong for easy international access to clients. This ensures not only high quality to their customers, but also a quick supply for expedited projects. Types of Canal Electronic switches include: Rocker Push Slide Toggle Snap Action Pull Chain Rotary Dip Tact Lighted Tact Keylock Anti-Vandal Circuit Breakers & Fuse Holders Canal is dedicated to providing consistency throughout its operations and has acquired and maintained ISO Certification to provide and guarantee reliable precision products. CCI has implemented the use of advanced technology and a highly capable workforce to deliver world-class electro-mechanical products to its growing domestic and global customers.