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TDM3466 electronic component of Techcode

MOSFET N Trench 40V 200A (Tc) 2.5V @ 250uA 2.1 mΩ @ 25A,10V TO-220 RoHS

Manufacturer: Techcode
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Product Category
TO - 220
Brand Category
Fet Type
n trench
Drain To Source Voltagevdss
40 V
Continuous Drain Current Id @ 25°C
200 A (t C)
Vgsth Max @ Id
2.5 V @ 250ua
Rds On Max @ Id Vgs
2.1 m @ 25a,10v
Power Dissipation Max
240 W
Drain Source Voltage Vdss
40 V
Continuous Drain Current Id
200 A
Drain Source On Resistance Rdson@Vgs Id
2.1 mOhms @10V , 25A
Power Dissipation Pd
240 W
Gate Threshold Voltage Vgsth@Id
2.5 V @250uA
N Channel
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The TDM3466 is a high-performance MOSFET with N Trench technology manufactured by Techcode. It features a maximum continuous drain current of 200A at 40V, a maximum drain to source breakdown voltage of 10V, a maximum on-state resistance of 2.1mO at 25A, and a maximum gate threshold voltage of 2.5V at 250uA. This MOSFET has RoHS certification and comes in a TO-220 package. The TDM3466 is ideal for applications requiring high switching frequencies, low on-state losses, and low drain-source voltage drop.

Tariff Desc

8541.21.00 16 No - - With a dissipation rate of less than 1 W Free