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CPC3703C electronic component of IXYS

N-Channel 250 V 300 mA Depletion Mode Field Effect Transistor

Manufacturer: IXYS
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CPC3703 250V N-Channel Depletion-Mode FET INTEGRATED CIRCUITS DIVISION V / R I (min) Package Description (BR)DSX DS(on) DSS V (max) The CPC3703 is an N-channel, depletion mode, field (BR)DGX effect transistor (FET) that utilizes IXYS Integrated 250V 4 360mA SOT-89 Circuits Divisions proprietary third-generation vertical DMOS process. The third-generation process realizes world class, high voltage MOSFET performance Features in an economical silicon gate process. Our vertical High Breakdown Voltage: 250V DMOS process yields a robust device, with high Low On-Resistance: 4 max. at 25C input impedance, for use in high-power applications. Low V Voltage: -1.6 to -3.9V GS(off) The CPC3703 is a highly reliable device that has Depletion Mode Device Offers Low R DS(on) been used extensively in our Solid State Relays for at Cold Temperatures industrial and telecommunications applications. High Input Impedance Small Package Size: SOT-89 This device excels in power applications that require low drain-source resistance, particularly in cold environments such as automotive ignition modules. Applications The CPC3703 offers a low, 4 maximum, on-state Ignition Modules resistance at 25C. Normally-On Switches Solid State Relays The CPC3703 has a minimum breakdown voltage of Converters 250V, and is available in an SOT-89 package. As with Telecommunications all MOS devices, the FET structure prevents thermal Power Supply runaway and thermal-induced secondary breakdown. Ordering Information Part Description CPC3703CTR N-Channel Depletion Mode FET, SOT-89 Pkg. Tape and Reel (1000/Reel) Package Pinout Circuit Symbol D D G G D S S (SOT-89) DS-CPC3703-R07 1 www.ixysic.comINTEGRATED CIRCUITS DIVISION CPC3703 Absolute Maximum Ratings 25C (Unless Otherwise Noted) Absolute Maximum Ratings are stress ratings. Stresses in Parameter Ratings Units excess of these ratings can cause permanent damage to the Drain-to-Source Voltage 250 V P device. Functional operation of the device at conditions beyond Gate-to-Source Voltage 15 V P those indicated in the operational sections of this data sheet is Pulsed Drain Current 600 mA 1 not implied. Total Package Dissipation 1.1 W Junction Temperature 125 C Operational Temperature, Ambient -55 to +125 C Storage Temperature -55 to +125 C 1 Mounted on 1 x1 x0.062 FR4 board. Electrical Characteristics 25C (Unless Otherwise Noted) Parameter Symbol Conditions Min Typ Max Units Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage V V = -5V, I =100A 250 - - V (BR)DSX GS D Gate-to-Source Off Voltage V V = 5V, I =1mA -1.6 - -3.9 V GS(off) DS D Change in V with Temperature dV /dT V = 5V, I =1A - - 4.5 mV/C GS(off) GS(off) DS D Gate Body Leakage Current I V =15V, V =0V - - 100 nA GSS GS DS V = -5V, V =250V - - 1 A GS DS Drain-to-Source Leakage Current I D(off) V = -5V, V =200V, T =125C - - 1 mA GS DS A Saturated Drain-to-Source Current I V = 0V, V =15V 360 - - mA DSS GS DS Static Drain-to-Source On-State Resistance R -- 4 DS(on) V = 0V, I =200mA GS D Change in R with Temperature dR /dT - - 1.1 %/C DS(on) DS(on) Forward Transconductance G I = 100mA, V = 10V 225 - - m FS D DS Input Capacitance C V = -5V 327 350 ISS GS Common Source Output Capacitance C 51 65 V = 25V - pF OSS DS Reverse Transfer Capacitance C 27 35 RSS f= 1MHz Turn-On Delay Time t V = 25V 23 35 d(on) DD Rise Time t 820 I = 150mA r D - ns Turn-Off Delay Time t 17 25 d(off) V = 0V to -10V GS Fall Time t 70 f 80 R = 50 gen Source-Drain Diode Voltage Drop V 0.6 V = -5V, I =150mA - 1.8 V SD GS SD Thermal Resistance (Junction to Ambient) R - - 90 - C/W JA V DD Switching Waveform & Test Circuit R L 0V 90% PULSE GENERATOR INPUT OUTPUT 10% -10V R gen t t on off t t t t f d(on) d(off) r D.U.T. V DS INPUT 90% 90% OUTPUT 10% 10% 0V R07 2

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8541.21.00 16 No - - With a dissipation rate of less than 1 W Free

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