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ASDM40N60KQ-R electronic component of Ascend

40V 60A 5.8mΩ@10V,20A 65W 1.6V@250uA 190pF@20V N Channel 1800pF@20V 29nC@10V -55℃~+175℃@(Tj) TO-252-2L MOSFETs ROHS

Manufacturer: Ascend
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Drain Source Voltage Vdss
40 V
Continuous Drain Current Id
60 A
Drain Source On Resistance Rdson@Vgs Id
5.8 mOhms @10V , 20A
Power Dissipation Pd
65 W
Gate Threshold Voltage Vgsth@Id
1.6 V @250uA
Reverse Transfer Capacitance Crss@Vds
190 pF @20V
N Channel
Input Capacitance Ciss@Vds
1800 pF @20V
Total Gate Charge Qg@Vgs
29 nC @10V
Operating Temperature
- 55 C ~ + 175 C @ (Tj)
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ent SemiconductorThe ASDM40N60KQ-R is a N-Channel MOSFET manufactured by Ascendent Semiconductor that is compliant with ROHS standards. It has a voltage rating of 40V and a current rating of 60A, as well as a low on-state resistance of 5.8mO at 10V. The maximum power dissipation is 65W and the Gate-Source voltage is 1.6V at a Source Current of 250µA. This part also has a gate capacitance of 190pF at 20V and a total capacitance of 1800pF at 20V. The total gate charge is 29nC at 10V and the operating temperature range is -55°C~+175°C (Tj). This part is housed in a TO-252-2L package.

Tariff Desc

8541.21.00 16 No - - With a dissipation rate of less than 1 W Free