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2SC3356 R25

2SC3356 R25 electronic component of SLKORMICRO

Transistors (NPN/PNP) SOT-23 RoHS

Manufacturer: SLKORMICRO
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2SC3356 R25

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Product Category
Bipolar Transistors - BJT
Bipolar Transistors-BJT
SOT - 23
Brand Category
Collector Cut-Off Current Icbo
100 nA
Collector-Emitter Breakdown Voltage Vceo
12 V
Power Dissipation Pd
200 mW
Collector Current Ic
100 mA
Dc Current Gain Hfe@Ic Vce
Transition Frequency Ft
Collector-Emitter Saturation Voltage Vcesat@Ic Ib
Transistor Type
Operating Temperature
+ 150 C @ (Tj)
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The 2SC3356 R25 is a NPN transistor in a SOT-23 RoHS package manufactured by SLKORMICRO. It is designed for use as an amplifier, pre-amplifier, or switch in consumer electronics and automotive applications. It has a low saturation voltage and high gain to ensure efficient operation. Additionally, it has a wide power range, allowing it to be used for both small and large power applications. Its RoHS compliant package helps to reduce environmental impact and provides superior performance in high humid and temperature applications.

Tariff Desc

8541.21.00 16 No - - With a dissipation rate of less than 1 W Free

STE(Songtian Elec)