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2SC4117-BL,LF electronic component of Toshiba

Bipolar Transistors - BJT Transistor for Low Freq. Amplification

Manufacturer: Toshiba
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Product Category
Bipolar Transistors - BJT
Mounting Style
Package / Case
SC - 70 - 3
Transistor Polarity
Maximum DC Collector Current
100 mA
Collector- Emitter Voltage VCEO Max
120 V
Collector- Base Voltage VCBO
120 V
Emitter- Base Voltage VEBO
5 V
Collector-Emitter Saturation Voltage
300 mV
Pd - Power Dissipation
100 mW
Gain Bandwidth Product fT
100 Mhz
Minimum Operating Temperature
- 55 C
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 125 C
Dc Current Gain Hfe Max
700 @ 2 mA @ 6 v
Dc Collector/Base Gain Hfe Min
200 At 2 Ma At 6 V
Factory Pack Quantity :
Hts Code
Product Type
Bjts - Bipolar Transistors
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2SC4117 TOSHIBA Transistor Silicon NPN Epitaxial Type (PCT process) 2SC4117 Audio Frequency General Purpose Amplifier Applications Unit: mm AEC-Q101 Qualified (Note1) High voltage: V = 120 V CEO Excellent h linearity: h (I = 0.1 mA)/h (I = 2 mA) = 0.95 (typ.) FE FE C FE C High h h = 200 to 700 FE: FE Low noise: NF = 1dB (typ.), 10dB (max) Complementary to 2SA1587 Small package Note1: For detail information, please contact our sales. Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25C) Characteristics Symbol Rating Unit Collector-base voltage V 120 V CBO Collector-emitter voltage V 120 V CEO Emitter-base voltage V 5 V EBO JEDEC Collector current I 100 mA C JEITA SC-70 Base current I 20 mA B TOSHIBA 2-2E1A P (Note 2, 4) 200 C Collector power dissipation mW P (Note 3) 100 C Weight: 0.006 g (typ.) T (Note 2) 150 j Junction temperature C T (Note 3) 125 j T (Note 2) 55 to 150 stg Storage temperature range C T (Note 3) 55 to 125 stg Note: Using continuously under heavy loads (e.g. the application of high temperature/current/voltage and the significant change in temperature, etc.) may cause this product to decrease in the reliability significantly even if the operating conditions (i.e. operating temperature/current/voltage, etc.) are within the absolute maximum ratings. Please design the appropriate reliability upon reviewing the Toshiba Semiconductor Reliability Handbook (Handling Precautions/Derating Concept and Methods) and individual reliability data (i.e. reliability test report and estimated failure rate, etc). Note 2: For devices with the ordering part number ending in LF(T. Note 3: For devices with the ordering part number in other than LF(T. 2 Note 4: Mounted on a FR4 board. (25.4 mm 25.4 mm 1.6 mm, Cu pad: 0.5 mm 3) Start of commercial production 1987-01 2021 2021-06-25 1 Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation 2SC4117 Electrical Characteristics (Ta = 25C) Characteristics Symbol Test Condition Min Typ. Max Unit Collector cut-off current I V 120 V, I 0 A 0.1 A CBO CB E Emitter cut-off current I V 5 V, I 0 A 0.1 A EBO EB C hFE DC current gain V 6 V, I 2 mA 200 700 CE C (Note) Collector-emitter saturation voltage V I 10 mA, I 1 mA 0.3 V CE (sat) C B Transition frequency f V 6 V, I 1 mA 100 MHz T CE C Collector output capacitance C V 10 V, I 0 A, f 1 MHz 3.0 pF ob CB E VCE 6 V, IC 0.1 mA, f 1 kHz, Noise figure NF 1.0 10 dB R 10 k G Note: h classification GR (G): 200 to 400, BL (L): 350 to 700 FE ( ) marking symbol Marking 2021 2021-06-25 2 Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation

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8541.21.00 16 No - - With a dissipation rate of less than 1 W Free

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